Developing a product is full of challenges

Technical challenges can arise from choosing the right components, designing manufacturable PCB layouts, and obtaining the required approvals and certifications. Manufacturing can be complex and time consuming. Real life challenges consist of finding customers, raising operational funds and finding the right marketing channels to launch your product.

Challenge accepted

PDSTE was founded to overcome these challenges. Whether you have a new product idea, or need a reliable partner that can help your project move forward, we can support you. From product design, prototype, new product introduction and mass production, we are your one stop shop in Hong Kong and we can help you launch your product onto the market through our established networks.

Our process

We offer a wide variety of services that can help you at each step of the development process.

Step 1

Engineering Support

Engineering Support is available to accelerate the development of our clients’ products. We can work alongside your team. Please feel free to contact us regarding your engineering needs.


DFM stands for “Designed for Manufacturability.” When we engineer our clients’ products and equipment, we ensure that they are designed for manufacturability and seamless production.

BOM Optimization

Our supply management team is able to provide a comprehensive component procurement service which maps out all of the required electronic and electromechanical components on your products’ bill of materials. 

Step 2


Prototyping is one of our core businesses. We respect and value startup projects and we can turnover results in as little as 24 hours. Our production capabilities are designed to respond to our clients’ product development needs and are built to anticipate market needs.

Flexible production volume

Following prototype production, we are also able to support small to medium volume production. Our production capabilities consist of SMT/THT assembly of rigid and flexible PCBs which are then quality tested through automatic optical inspections (AOI).

made in hong kong

We are proud to say that our products are “Made in Hong Kong”. It is the spirit of Hong Kong manufacturing that drives us to be dedicated and successful partners for our clients’ projects.


By using the latest production methods and machinery, we ensure that our products are industry leading. Our continual investment guarantees continual quality improvements and shortened lead times.

Step 3

Certifications & Testing

PDSTE is ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certified. Our manufacturing work is in compliance with IPC 610 standards, ROHS, REACH and WEE compliant.


PDSTE takes security seriously. We guarantee that your privacy and personal data is safe with us. We don’t share your data with anyone and only authorized team members can access your project information. Strict privacy standards are a key pillar of our business.

End of life testing

We also offer a comprehensive range of end of life tests:

HALT - Highly Accelerated Life Test

High Low Temperature Test

Temperature and Humidity Test

Thermal Shock Test
(Air Type/Liquid Type)

Vibration and Shock Test

Combined Temperature Humidity and Vibration Test

SMD Shear Test

Autoclave Test

Resistance to Reflow Soldering Heat Test

Resistance to Wave Soldering Heat Test

Printed Circuit Board Qualification Test

Infrared Thermography